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WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium

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Set wholesale prices easily on your existing WooCommerce store and let wholesale customers order online.

Forget about sharing clunky spreadsheets with your wholesalers!

Easily set wholesale pricing for products, minimum purchase amounts, tiered discounts, control shipping and tax separately from retail customers + loads more!

Set Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Products

  • Easy to manage wholesale pricing across unlimited user roles
  • Flexible configuration suits your business model
  • Global %, category % or individual wholesale pricing

Shipping, Tax & Payment Gateways All Handled Separately

  • Satisfy your country’s strictest tax requirements
  • Force wholesalers to use your preferred shipping methods
  • Choose which payment gateways they’re allowed to use

Customize Your Product Catalog For Wholesale Customers

  • Make some products “Wholesale Only”
  • Hide “Retail Only” products from wholesalers
  • Create bulk variations that are “Wholesale Only”

Minimum Purchase Rules To Enforce Your Wholesale Agreements

  • Enforce order subtotal before wholesale pricing is available
  • Enforce minimum number of items to be ordered
  • Enforce individual product minimums


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