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awesome support WooCommerce 1.5.0

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Developer: Awesome Support
Version: 1.5.0 report oudated
Updated 08 August 2017
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The tight integration between the two is guaranteed to leave your customers feeling like their support experience is deeply rooted in their purchasing experience.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

If you have a WooCommerce store, you must be providing support. But how long does it take to your support agents to figure out what product the ticket is related to or which order was passed? With the WooCommerce add-on for Awesome Support, supporting clients becomes much easier. Everything is tied together: support tickets, products and orders. Once the add-on is installed, every single ticket will be linked to its order. The client can also specify which product within the order the ticket is related to. In just seconds, agents will know what the request is about, improving their efficiency and reducing the time to first response.

No Complex Submission Process

If you’re worried about adding complexity to the ticket submission process, don’t. Most of the work is handled silently by the add-on. As a customer, just go to your account page, find the order you’re having problems with, and click the Get Help button. That’s it. From there, the add-on will automatically tie the ticket to its order, and the only additional option for the client is to select which product he needs help with. What if the ticket is raised from the support page? In this case, we’ll ask just one more thing to the client: the order number. A dropdown list of all the client’s orders (with the date) will show up. The client just has to select the correct order to link the ticket to it.

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