WooCommerce Add to Cart Redirect

Redirect users immediately after add to cart Easily configure redirection rules after
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: 10 February 2021
Status: Original
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Redirect users immediately after add to cart

Easily configure redirection rules after a customer adds an item to the cart. This will improve the customer flow, and ultimately can improve conversions in your webshop.

With the Add to Cart Redirect plugin you can configure redirects on different levels. Redirect URLs can be configured at the following levels, in order of priority:
1) Product variation
2) Product
3) Global
4) Default behavior

All configurable redirects have built-in search functionality for any type of posts on your site (for example, products, pages, posts, including custom post types that are public). It is also possible to configure a fully custom URL.

Use cases

Increase Conversion by Skipping Unneeded Steps

Instead of refreshing the page and showing a notice that “Product X has been added to the cart”, you can configure the Add to Cart Redirect plugin to send the customer immediately to the checkout, skipping the additional page reloads and moving to the cart and only then the checkout.

Automatically add products to the cart

Say you have a promotion where you give away a free product, say a basketball, if someone purchases a pair of basketball shoes. Through some nifty redirects you can configure the plugin to automatically add the basketball product to the cart.

If you use it in combination with the WooCommerce URL Coupons extension you could even automatically apply coupons after adding a product to the cart.

Redirect to Terms and Conditions

If you have a product that has some special terms and conditions you can send the customer over to that page immediately after they’ve added the product to the cart. This way you can make sure they read the Terms & Conditions before they continue with their shopping.