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Social Share & Locker Pro

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Developer: azzaroco
Version: 7.7
Updated: 15 May 2020
Status: Original
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Social Share & Locker Pro is the ultimate social plugin built to help all the customers being more visible into the Social Networks.

Is not just a simple social plugin, is that plugin that cover all the necessities and desires. With just few clicks you can set your social icons exactly into the right place or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

Social Share & Locker Pro is very very easy to use and counts provided are the real share counts. The social plugin check with the Social Networks included into the plugin to get exactly the number of shares for your page, nothing less, nothing more.

With the Social Share & Locker Pro you can display the entire name of the Social Networks or only the Social Icon. Depends of your design, available space or desires with just one click you can Enable/Disable the Social Share Full Name

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Social Share Themes
  • Social Share Full Name
  • Social Share Counters
  • Email Sharing
  • Fast Social Buttons Loading
  • Responsive Social Themes
  • CSS3 Hover Effects
  • Custom Box Position
  • Display based on page’s type
  • 2 Social Buttons Align type (horizontal/vertical)
  • Social Share ShortCode generator
  • Social Locker ShortCode generator
  • Realistic Share Counts
  • Visual Composer integration

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