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learndash favorite content addon 1.0.3

Collections: LearnDash
Developer: Learndash
Version: 1.0.3 report oudated
Updated 02 October 2021
File status: Original
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Get valuable user feedback and keep users coming back by allowing them to save their favorite course content for easy future reference.

Increase learner retention and engagement

We’ve all thought “this content great, I should revisit it someday” only to have trouble finding it in the future.

With Favorite Content for LearnDash users can instantly save the lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments they love for quick and easy reference in the future.

Collect valuable data on content popularity

Not only are you making your learners happier, but you can also see which content (and courses) are favorited the most.

Use this data to inform content updates or even new course ideas.

Integrate with LearnDash Directly

Enhance user profiles with searchable favorites organized by course and automatically add a favorites tab to course landing pages.

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