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gravity perks multi page navigation 1.1.4

Collections: Gravity Perks
Developer: Gravity Wiz
Version: 1.1.4 report oudated
Updated 10 September 2021
File status: Original
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Multi-page Form Navigation allows users to navigate more easily between the pages of your multi-page Gravity Forms. Sure, Gravity Forms provides a “Next” and “Previous” button out of the box, and for simpler forms, those navigational buttons are enough. But when you’re dealing with longer or more complex multi-page forms, providing additional page navigation becomes essential.


  • Convert Gravity Forms page names into clickable page links
  • Control when pages are navigable (more info)
  • Create custom page links for complete control of form navigation (more info)
  • Full support for Gravity Forms “Save and Continue” feature (more info)
  • Provide a preview of the submission and a quick way for users to navigate to pages to fix mistakes when paired with GP Preview Submission (more info)
  • Bonus navigation buttons (more info)

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