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Item description

Built with a powerful engine, Glossary recognizes and links automatically any term to a dedicated page, creating tooltips that enhance the user experience, aid comprehension and give your SEO a propelling push.



Through its powerful engine, Glossary will automatically link every instance of a term in your article to your pre-defined list of definitions.


To create a better user experience and an easier access, you can group your terms by category and create vertical archives of terms.


On hovering on a word, your readers will see indications about the term in a tooltip, highly customizable in aspect and behaviour.


Show your terms in sidebars or in dedicated pages through widgets and shortcodes that can best fit your site’s needs and look.


Glossary adds precious SEO-pleasing content and greatly improves internal link building though its native integration with the SEO by Yoast plugin.


The Pro version of Glossary offers you the option to activate special tooltips, optimized for the best mobile user experience.

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