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Digits – Email Filter

Want to stop emails from some specific domain or stop spam? With this filter out the domains you don’t want...
Developer: Humans On
Version: 1.5
Updated: 24 January 2021
Status: Original
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With the increase of disposable, temporary or burner emails it’s becoming difficult to maintain a user base with genuine users. Email filter for Digits takes care of that, with our extensive list of Disposable email websites and domains you can detected whenever a user tries to signup using disposable email and block that signup, this is very useful when you want to prevent spam registrations and want  your users to enter a genuine email address. You can even block signups from particular domain emails.

Key Features

  • Block spam registrations
  • Block signup with disposable/temporary email address
  • Block signup from particular domain emails
  • Allow signup from particular domain emails

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