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Deposits & Partial Payments for WooCommerce Premium 3.1.0

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Developer: acowebs
Version: 3.1.0 report oudated
Updated 24 November 2022
File status: Activated. No extra steps are needed.
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WooCommerce Deposits and Partial Payments Plugin helps customers to make payments for the products they buy using a partial payment or a deposit. With the partial payment WooCommerce extension, you can handle the partial payments, force a deposit or let customers pay a percentage or a fixed price upfront.

When having an option to purchase by making partial payments for their favorite products, the customers develop a unique interest in your products. It is more likely that customers return to your store and find WooCommerce partial payments plans helpful for them to purchase products that they wouldn’t go for in the absence of the option.

Enhance customer loyalty with Woocommerce deposits and part payments plugin and let your customers split the payment for their order, pay a deposit and pay the remaining later.


Once you activate the Woocommerce Partial Payments plugin, choose the Deposits menu in the left menu bar of WordPress. You can use the option to manage the Deposits settings using the available choices provided.

With the WooCommerce payment plan plugin, you can sell the products and services where it is ideal to request partial payments like custom-made products, event space rental, etc.

You can win the customers’ trust by allowing them to make part payments for the product beforehand by improving the reliability. You can also offer a favorable service to the users to retain your orders with the WooCommerce partial payment plugin.


Acowebs WooCommerce partial payments plugin can let you enhance your credibility, especially when you focus on selling high-cost products. High-end price products can lose customers on a large scale since they can’t afford to pay the whole amount in one go.

Rather than being a reliable plugin, the Woocommerce deposit plugin lets your customers shop with ease and enjoy the benefits of paying in installments.

Here are the features of the Woocommerce partial payment plugin-free version:

Make store-wide options to enable or disable the WooCommerce deposits
Let the customer place the order with the full amount or deposits as they wish
Control the use of deposits and partial payments for the unauthenticated end-users
Deposits can be made through a fixed amount or percentage of the whole amount
Product level custom WooCommerce deposits settings and global level settings
Enable and disable deposits for particular products
Customers can make the balance amount payable through the account login
Option to disable specific payment gateways while making checkout for the product orders
Can customize the plugin texts and labels
Translation support


We all have made the deposits to buy an amazing product in the favorites and opted to pay the balance later while taking your time. This, when coming to the online payments and e-commerce stores, customers opt to purchase your products at the very moment because the Woocommerce part payments plugin has allowed paying to make deposits. The deposits for the WooCommerce plugin can let your customers benefit from the down payment, which lets them grab the wished product without bearing the burden of making the entire payment in one go.

Here are the features of the Woocommerce partial payment plugin-premium version:

All features on Woocommerce Partial payments free version
Flexible Payment plans
Implement deposits on checkout
Send email reminders notification for balance payment
Send email notifications to client & admin based on the deposit creation/payments
Category based deposits
User roles based Deposits
Force deposit on the product page.
User roles restriction
Fee, tax, shipping, and coupon handling with WooCommerce deposits
Assign multiple payment plans for a single product
Payment schedules as per days, weeks, months, or year

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