Clientside – Wordpress Admin Theme
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Clientside – Wordpress Admin Theme

A Premium WordPress Admin Theme
Developer: Frique
Version: 1.14.5
Updated: 5 May 2019
Status: Discontinued
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Clientside is a meticulous combination of a redesigned admin theme and a set of settings and tools that help customize and unclutter the WordPress interface for yourself or your clients.

The WordPress admin area often proves quite confusing to the average content manager. Generally it lacks a clear separation of administrative functionality and content management. When developing a site and handing it over to the client, you will find they are quickly lost in an over-complicated looking interface since the WordPress platform is designed to cater to both simple and advanced usage.

Clientside approaches this issue both with design changes and by providing a wide variety of options allowing you to customize the appearance specifically per user role. Administrators are able to disable features, rename and hide menu items, hide unnecessary functionality and more, resulting in a cleaner, less confusing CMS environment.

For Administrators & Developers

  • Comes with a set of Admin Tools for common tasks
  • Control over UI elements per user role
    (clean up the admin interface for your clients)
  • Optional dashboard widget showing site’s status information
  • White labeling with a custom logo upload
  • Translation / WPML ready
  • Includes optional common security improvements
    (hide login error hinting, remove WP version meta tag)
  • Includes optional performance improvements for both the frontend and the admin area
  • Option to disable the plugin’s theming, but keep using
    other functionality or even entirely disable the plugin’s functionality for certain user roles
  • Ability to import/export settings as a means of backup or to duplicate settings across sites
  • Ability to set multisite network defaults to configure all child sites
  • PHP errors are gracefully outputted as admin notifications
  • Fully commented code, following the WordPress
    coding standards

For Everyone

  • A harmoniously designed theme with a modern look & feel
  • A cleaner, simplified and uncluttered interface
  • Completely useful out of the box but very customizable
  • Responsive layout optimized for any screen size
  • Themed login page with custom logo option
  • A Toolbar Notification Center
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • RTL language support
  • Option to disable the theming and only use Clientside’s functional aspects
  • Installs as a plugin
  • Full documentation included
  • Increased usability

    Such as lots of added whitespace, unified modal window styling, larger type, optimized layouts for smaller as well as larger screen/window sizes, back to top navigation, generally improved page, form and element layouts, button actions clearly highlighted by color and size, the help feature is moved to a dedicated modal window, a simplified and easier to navigate menu...

  • And so much more...

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