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Awesome Support - Time Tracking and Invoicing - 2.1.1

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Developer: Awesome Support
Version: 2.1.1 report oudated
Updated 07 August 2020
File status: Original
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Do you routinely bill or invoice your customers for the time spent on a ticket?  If so, you need our Time Tracking and Invoicing add-on. It allows you to track time spent on tickets at the most granular level possible while also reporting at the Client and Agent levels.  In fact, there is no other WordPress Helpdesk and Support plugin that offers such a broad array of features, functions, and flexibility combined with very tight integration into a time-and-billing module.


  • Capture the true time spent responding to tickets with the automatic timer
  • Remove the need to use multiple systems to track tickets and time separately – do it all from one console
  • Accurately generate invoice amounts for use with your billing system
  • View reports of time spent on each ticket or spent by each agent
  • Export invoicing files for use with any client billing system
  • Capture the cost of providing support even if you don’t charge your customers for your agents time.


With this add-on you can:

  • Automatically record the time spent on each reply to a ticket.  The timer starts when the ticket is open in the agent’s browser and stops when the reply button is clicked.
  • Specify a minimum amount of time for each time event (eg: 5 mins or 15 mins)
  • Set billing rates at the agent, client and ticket levels
  • Create an invoice file to be downloaded in the commonly used CSV format.
  • Configure which agents can participate in billing the clients
  • Manually enter time for each reply
  • Sort and filter time entries in a separate detailed time-log screen
  • Permit administrators to adjust time after-the-fact
  • Run 4 different time based reports:
    • The Agent Report shows the amount of time each agent has spent on tickets for the specified time period.  It is a detailed report – showing each individual time log entry for each agent.
    • The Client Report shows the time spent on each client.  It is a detailed report showing each individual time log entry
    • The Ticket Report shows the time spent on each ticket.  Every time log entry is shown for each ticket in the selected date range.
    • The invoice report shows the time spent by each agent that has not yet been invoiced
  • Run multiple timers on multiple tickets simultaneously

If your business depends on accurately tracking the time your agents spend on each ticket then this module will fill a critical need in your business operations.  Or if you would just like to capture the cost of providing support for each client then this add-on is the perfect fit.



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