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Awesome Support - Satisfaction Survey - 1.0.8

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Developer: Awesome Support
Version: 1.0.8 report oudated
Updated 09 June 2017
File status: Original
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Item description

This extension allows you to automatically collect survey responses that rate your agent’s performance on a ticket.  The add-on offers four different methods to collect satisfaction ratings from your customers:

  1. Send a survey X minutes/days after a ticket is closed.  The user will click a survey link and fill out the survey form on your website.
  2. Send a simplified survey X minutes/days after a ticket is closed. The simplified survey includes only TWO options – a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” (good/bad).  As soon as the user clicks an option in the survey email the choice will be recorded and they will be shown a “thank you” message.
  3. View an automatic survey page after the user closes a ticket.
  4. Include a survey link on each email that a customer receives from an agent about the ticket.

Features of this add-on include:

  • One-click option to close a ticket and submit a rating
  • Administrator-defined Rating Scale,
  • Administrator-defined delay before survey is sent out,
  • Customized list of reasons if user provides low rating,
  • Full control over the contents of the survey-email request,
  • Simple path for user to complete survey,
  • Extensive array of other configuration options
  • Option to pop up survey immediately after ticket is closed
  • Option to use “quick-link” thumbs-up / thumbs-down links in survey emails
  • Option to include click-to-close-and-rate links in agent response emails

This add-on fills in a critical gap that closes the circle in the customer service process – getting feedback on the performance of agents. If you don’t know how well your customer support process is working, you probably don’t know how many customers you are losing or gaining because of that critical business function. Use this add-on to fill in the visibility gap!



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