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analytify goals addon 2.0.1

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Version: 2.0.1 report oudated
Updated 08 April 2021
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You are Internet Marketer, Online store owner or freelancer. Everyone uses Google Analytics Goals to track their Conversions.

Our goals add-on helps you to identify the Analytics of your goals within WordPress. heck, Yes. You can see all your Goals stats inside WordPress in once instance.

Features & Functionality

Create your Goals in Google Analytics

We recommend to create your goals in Google Analytics->Admin, select your website profile. Set whatever type of goals you want to create and showcase them (to your clients) on your WordPress site by using our add-on.

Google Analytics Goals Dashboard

Our Goals dashboard is a simplified way to showcase the conversions to your clients.

The days are over when you or your client have to go to Google Analytics and spend huge time of finding reports. We have brought everything inside WordPress Dashboard. And report in a way you understand, that makes sense.

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