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Aero Woocommerce Order Bump

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Suggest Products That Add Value

We ensure you make offers they’ll accept

Show Hyper-Targeted Checkout Offers

Every buyer is different. Use our intuitive rule engine to segment shoppers and suggest items based on items in cart, cart total, category, user role, & other conditions. This allows your offers to be relevant.

Let Users Choose The Variant They Want

A user might want to select a specific product variant that meets their needs. For example, choosing the blue color of a t-shirt or large sippers. Bump is compatible with WooCommerce variable products.

Make Your Bump Look Eye-Catching

The order bump must stand out so that it grabs people’s attention. Customize all the colors of the bump using pre-made skins. There are various order bump skins at your disposal. Feel free to add custom CSS.

Specify the Discount and Quantity

Our bump module allows you to set up an exclusive discount on the product. This discount is not visible elsewhere on the site. Also, specify the quantity of the item to be sold. For example, ‘two at the cost of one’.

Offer a Subscription Product

Our Order Bump module is fully compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. You can even offer a discount on the first month or make a free trial offer. Subscriptions will drastically improve your lifetime customer value.


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