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Ad Manager Premium by 10Web

Most Powerful WordPress Ad Management Plugin
Developer: 10web
Version: 5.0.14
Updated: 11 August 2019
Status: Original
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Ad Scheduling

Predefine your ad distribution time frame by choosing the start and end dates.

Simple Placement

Select all your pages, a specific category or a single page to display an ad.

Set Campaign Limits

Automatically finish the campaign when impressions and click limits are met.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Your ads will look as beautiful as they are on any screen — mobile to desktop.

Geo Targeting

Target specific locations — countries, cities, and states — where you want to display your ads.

AdBlock Detection

Detect ad blockers on users’ browsers and set up a message to request disabling them.

Device Targeting

Target users based on the devices they use: smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Import and Export

Run the same campaign on multiple websites by exporting and importing existing ads.

Precise Statistics

Get the most detailed reports with Google Analytics, Piwik Analytics, and Ad Manager’s internal tracker.

User Role Management

Define permissions for user types to create, publish, edit and delete adverts.

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