We’re adding new features after a while

As you guys have been noticing, the site has been through multiple technical issues, mostly concerning loading speed and payment. We’re extremely sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced.

So here are what we’ve done so far to overcome the issues:

Switch to Litespeed server

Litespeed server is far more superior than Nginx (at least for our site). Specially, we can utilize Litespeed cache plugin to speed up the whole thing. The plugin is phenomenally great at public, private and ESI caching, besides object cache integration.

Optimize server location

The most important of site speed might not be CDN but rather the server location, which has to be optimal to most of your target audience. Users, especially from the US or Europe, might see the difference now.

Redesign the site

We’re gradually introduce the new design, making the UI more user-friendly and exciting to use. We also will soon re-open the comment section to posts and the review box to the items as well.

Adding new items

You can regularly find the newly added items in the homepage’s new arrivals section and the item archives as well. And we’re trying to add new items from time to time.

Upcoming features:

  • Bonus private items for specific user level
  • Comment/review section
  • Technical support ticket
  • Item update notifications (through emails)